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About Kazuhiro, Cheltenham, VIC

​Kazuhiro had purchased a brand new 2 bedroom apartment in Cheltenham, which he was doing the interior design and photography on his own and wanted to have it ready for guests within 2 weeks. However, Kazuhiro had concerns about the location and if he could attract short stay bookings consistently and to provide him with a better return than long term leasing. We re-assured him that better returns are possible and Ready Set Host do not take on any clients that we do not believe will do well.

Why Ready Set Host

​With confirmed and analysed demand for short stay accommodation, Ready Set Host puts it’s Hosts in the box seat to capitalise on higher returns than traditional long term leasing. Not only a return on rent received, but also with the ability to depreciate assets, as advised by your registered Tax Agent.

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​The Challenge

​Cheltenham is 21km from Melbourne CBD. It is close to Southland shopping centre, great restaurants and cafes, but it is quite a residential area.

We implemented our start-up strategy to attract initial guests and implemented a pricing strategy that would maximise rental income and long term occupancy rates.

Execution and Delivery

We built a custom strategy that would entice guests to book as close to the initial listing date as possible while considering competing Airbnb properties in the area. Then once the initial bookings were obtained adapted to improve higher returns and occupancy rates.

We kept Kazuhiro informed all along the way, so he could relax and know everything was being taken care of!


  • ​First stay within 8 days of being listed.
  • ​$14,471 Rental Income for the first 4 months.
  • ​89% Occupancy rate for the first 4 months.
  • ​238% better return than long term lease at $380 per week.

​Want to see the full potential of your property?

​* Get up to 238% increase in your weekly rent!

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